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4 Ways to Stop Fearing High Notes

Fearing high notes is normal for even the most skilled singers. But this doesn’t need to be the case for you. Instead of worrying about high notes, you should be excited to sing them. Read below to learn how to conquer the fear!

1. Punch the bully in the face.

In other words, stop hesitating when attacking pitches. When a singer hesitates before singing a note, they are actually retracting breath support, which in turn causes the voice to constrict. This tension makes it harder to hit high notes and can actually cause the voice to break. Hesitation starts a vicious cycle that feeds fear, so stand up to the bully and punch him right in the face!

2. Develop a strong head voice.

Many singers neglect head voice because it feels unproductive spending time singing higher pitches lightly. However, most vocalists have a hard time singing high notes because they are approaching their range with too much of a chest voice approach. Chest voice can create the feeling of having to push into high notes, but head voice does just the opposite. Teach your voice that it doesn’t have to push to get to high notes and you’ll feel less worried and more relaxed before singing in that range. 


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3. Prove to yourself that you could do it.

For most singers, it takes dozens, if not hundreds, of repeated successes singing a high note before they really start believe that they could nail it. Be conscious of your mental attitude towards high notes and with every consecutive success, tell yourself that this is a skill that you posses. You might be surprised how much easier it is to sing high notes when you believe that you could do it!

4. Nail high notes in front of others.

Singing high notes well in front of others is an empowering feeling. Especially when you receive praise over how those pitches sounded. This step is actually a part of the process of cementing high notes as a part of your identity. When you see the confidence that others have in you, it’ll make you believe in yourself more. 

Believe In Yourself

Fear is the expectation of a negative outcome. Replace that fear with confidence. Brett Manning has often said that the reason singers have breakthroughs in lessons with us is because they “borrow our confidence” in them and it empowers them to do the impossible vocally. Yes, vocal technique is extremely important, but you might be shocked how much the mental side of singing can free the voice when it is set right!

Benny Meza is a Master Associate at Brett Manning Studios in Nashville, TN. He’s taught over 7,000 vocal lessons and has worked with clients from Warner Music, RCA, Universal Music Group, and many others.

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