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Listen From the Outside

In this article, I want to talk to you about one of the best judges you can find, to help you grow both as a singer and as an artist:

Your ear.

Like Brett taught me, I record each lesson, and at the end of the session I give it to the student. This is not only useful for them to remember what we did, but also to give them the chance to listen to their voice.

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While we are singing, we are not able to identify all the strengths and weaknesses of our voice; but when we listen back to what we did, we can discover many good things we did and we didn’t realize, as well as many areas we have to work on.

I encourage you to record yourself often, when you sing or even when you are simply doing an exercise. When you do this, you can really focus on your voice, on your sound, on your pitch, on your artistry.

How many times in your voice lessons, do you think you’re singing too light, just because you don’t hear the fullness of your chest voice “inside?” Then, when you listen back to the track, you realize that your sound is more than enough for what you are singing, just because you can’t hear all the overtones from inside. If you haven’t experienced this yet, go and try it….you will be amazed of the discoveries you’ll make!

Another example I can give you relates to pitch accuracy. Sometimes you might think a sentence you sang is just ok, and then when you listen to it, you understand that you could be much more precise.

In conclusion, I warmly recommend you try this experience of “listening to you from outside”. Let me know how it goes!

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