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Singing Success 360

Discover Power, Presence and Precision

SS360 is a systematic vocal training program that has been carefully designed after 30+ years of research and development.

This program will give you the voice you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll find vocal freedom, sing high notes with ease, and improve your tone and style.

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Mastering Harmony

Learning how to sing harmony and hear harmony is a must for anyone seeking a professional singing career.

You’ll get proprietary tricks that will increase the texture of your voice and of any recorded or live song you perform on.

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Vocal Hacks


100+ vocal tips and tricks that will fix your voice. Command your voice to move rapidly and freely. Discover your true tone quickly.

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Mastering Vibrato

Listening to singers that Brett has trained like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban and you’ll hear a common thread: a well-mastered and controlled vibrato.

Good vibrato beautifies the voice and rids the voice of excess tension.

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Mastering Mix

Achieve the purest form of tonal quality

Unlock your commercial voice! Mastering Mix teaches you how to effectively mix your head and chest voice – (a must for any professional singer) and it is the ONLY product of its kind.

This program uses three modes of vocal cord coordination to achieve the ‘mixed’ voice: edge, pharyngeal, and the “heady” quality.

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Vocal Therapy

Vocal Therapy contains exercises that restore voices that have been damaged due to singing over-aggressively, strained due to yelling at a concert or sporting event, or have experienced sicknesses such as laryngitis, strep throat, or other respiratory-related illnesses.

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Duane Bueno

“I’ve used the Singing Success program for about 10 years. The VIP community is the missing link from the program and personal growth. The contact with coaches interaction, with Brett and others is the big secret of this community.”

Agostino Ago Marino

“It's crazy just how well this program works. I went from an okay singer that hoped for "good vocal days" to a confident singer that KNOWS how to have a good vocal day. This knowledge is priceless!”

Jason Allender


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