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Artist Development Retreat

Master Classes, Workshops, Co-Writing, and more!

September 10-11, 2021

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Why Do Some Singers Get Publishing Deals And Others Don’t?

What’s So Special About Their Songs? Your Songs Are Just As Good…Right?

Wrong. It’s not easy to write a song that sells. And it’s even harder to write a song that moves people. Here’s a question for you… How much time do you spend writing? A couple of hours a week? A couple of minutes per day? Every other day? One of the biggest secrets to writing a good song is time.

Time spent writing songs: bad songs, mediocre songs, silly songs, sad songs, abysmal songs. ALL THE SONGS.

But how do you know your songs are any good?

  • How do you know when you are ready to submit your EP to managers or publishers?
  • Should you record the demo yourself? Or have someone else do it?
  • If you are a singer, do you even need to write your own songs?
  • Nobody ever got rich from a publishing deal…right??? (*very wrong*)

Without the proper connections, it’s very unlikely your song will ever be heard by someone in the industry. That’s why you MUST attend this Singer/Songwriter Intensive.

You’ll get the inside scoop on how to get a publishing deal, how to write songs for TV/Film, how to make money as a ghostwriter, and how to use your catalog to help you get a record deal.

Successful artists are the TOTAL PACKAGE. They can sing, write, and market themselves. If you put the time in, YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL TOO!


Master Classes

Six (6) Master Classes from top songwriters, producers, and vocal coaches.
(Topics include: How to write songs for TV, Getting a Publishing Deal, Ghostwriting, and more.)

Songwriting Workshops

Get a behind the scenes look at the anatomy of a hit song, learn songwriting strategies, and discover proven techniques to make every co-writing session productive.

Vocal Seminars

Learn how to use your voice effectively when writing songs, how to write songs for your “range”, and discover other performance techniques.

Co-writing Rooms

Unlimited Access to a dedicated space to write and network with fellow singers and songwriters from around the globe.

Song Critique

Submit your song to be analyzed and reviewed by a Top Nashville Producer (all-access tickets only).

Morning Warm-ups

One of our highly trained Vocal Coaches will guide you through a morning warm-up each day and give you the tools to polish your pre-performance routine.

Brett Manning

Creator of Singing Success

Dave Pittenger

Producer / Songwriter

Tripp Weir

Writer / Artist

Skidd Mills

Grammy Winning Songwriter/Producer

Noah Henson


Chanelle Guyton & Benny Meza

Master Associates

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Artist Development Testimonials

Schedule Of Events

Friday, November 5th

9:30 AM – Morning Wam-Up

10 AM – Songwriting Master Class 
(Skidd Mills)

2 PM – Songwriting Master Class 
(Tripp Weir)

6 PM – Vocal Master Class
(Brett Manning)

Saturday, November 6th

9:30 AM – Morning Warm-Up

10 AM – Songwriting Workshop 
(Dave Pittenger)

2 PM – Songwriting Workshop  
(Noah Henson)

6 PM – Vocal Master Class
(Brett Manning)


Virtual Co-writing
Song Critique
Private Skype Lessons

Coaches & Speakers

  • Brett Manning
  • Skidd Mills
  • Tripp Weir
  • Dave Pittenger
  • Noah Henson
  • Chanelle Guyton
  • Benny Meza
  • And More

Payment Options


$397Includes Friday and Saturday

  • Six (6) Master Classes
  • One (1) FREE Month of Singing Success 360
  • Songwriting Workshops
  • Vocal Seminars
  • Virtual Co-writing Room
  • Song Critique & Feedback
  • Morning Warm-ups
  • And More

A la Carte

$149/ Per Class

  • One (1) Master Class
  • Additional Classes/Seminars are available (a la carte)
  • Choose which class you want to attend
  • (No access to virtual co-writing or song critique)