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In many ways TV shows such as American Idol and The Voice are signs that we’ve moved into a new era of showcasing or launching careers for a variety of gifted performers and dynamic personalities.

Handful of Talent

Whether the competitive platform is singing, comedy, or physical beauty, the voice certainly factors into the mix when it comes to gauging the impact of each contestant or participant.

Talent, in a very simple way, can be divided into five general areas, or as a handful of talent, for appeal and development. These are: physical appearance, intellectual or interpretive skill, emotional power or impact, personality, and vocal quality.

Ideal Standards

These areas can be enhanced or compromised due to investments made to develop or alter them. Of course, the best scenario would be to determine ideal standards or goals to work toward and maintain for each area.

The physical area is a bit easier to set goals for and track results in terms of fitness and health. The goals are more readily measurable and the results more clearly defined and noticeable. Intellectual and interpretive skills can be developed through further study, lessons, research, and practice. Emotional skills can certainly be developed, refined, and engaged through acting classes, as well as meditation and counseling as needed.

Personality assimilates development in the four other areas of talent, but is more clearly impacted by intellect and emotion because what you think about something and how you feel are both parts of who you are.

The Voice

The voice can be strengthened, enhanced, tweaked, and refined through vocal coaching or voice lessons, as well as through public speaking and live performance experience. In fact, the voice has far more impact than may be realized. And, Brett Manning’s methodology is designed to identify and strengthen the unique qualities of the voice of each individual singer.

Versatile + Flexible

As these qualities are further enhanced and strengthened, the singer becomes more confident, more comfortable, and therefore much more versatile and flexible because they have more to draw from. Their growing confidence spills over into other areas such as stage presence, public speaking, control over nerves or stage fright, relaxation and proper breathing, and more – the benefits then begin to build on each other.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a singer from an inner city neighborhood, or an aspiring Miss America contestant from a rural farming community, the lessons and techniques presented in Brett’s programs work to bring out the very best that is true to who you are in terms of your voice.

Authentic Appeal

One of the keys to winning a high stakes talent competition or a major pageant is having an authenticity of appeal. In other words, the ones that most often have the best chance to win it all or hit home in the hearts of the viewers and judges, are those that come off as being: the real deal.

What Stands Out

Granted, someone who has a strong physical appeal will grab attention, as will someone who is gifted intellectually or emotionally in making people think, feel, laugh, or cry. Strong personalities are memorable because they can move an audience by using their physical, intellectual, and emotional attributes and abilities to their advantage. And a strong voice can be memorable as well, and it can always be used to enhance personality.

Strengthen Your Appeal

When practiced properly and supported by periodic coaching sessions with his certified associates, Brett Manning’s Singing Success program develops the authentic, unique voice of each individual to its fullest potential, while also encouraging strong vocal health. The confidence and comfort that comes with proper technique for singing helps to build levels of confidence and comfort in the way someone walks, speaks, and behaves. This is vital to the success of a pageant contestant, a spokesperson-model competition, auditioning actor or actress or comedian, an opening act for a major country or pop artist – to anyone engaged in a talent competition of any kind. Confidence and comfort will enhance competence and will also strengthen the appeal and potential positive impact of each contestant.

Practice Preparation

Whether you’re a pageant contestant or uniquely talented competitor it’s important to be fully prepared and well rehearsed. For pageant contestants, this includes everything from a runway walk to answering questions spontaneously. For talent contestants, this includes the moments before and right after your performance. The better prepared you are, the greater your level of confidence. The greater your confidence, the more relaxed and more engaging you can be as a performer because you feel free to explore, reach out, risk being vulnerable, and trust yourself as you connect.

Warming Up

Also critical to your effectiveness is a proper warm-up. This includes not only your physical stretching and breathing routine to shake out the nerves and limber up, but also techniques and practices for warming up the voice. The Pro-Singer’s Vocal Warm-Up is available through along with other programs for strengthening the voice by Brett Manning and his associates, along with products from Tom Jackson for improving live performance skills.

Product Preparation

Serious preparation and tough competition will yield powerful results if you maintain a strong, consistent commitment to proper practice, hard work, and building on strengths and abilities. The products available through will help you not only improve your voice, but they will also work to help you build levels of comfort and confidence so that you remain open to try new things that will help you become a better communicator with your audience through the songs you sing, the stories you tell, and the hearts you touch.

The Connection Factor

Think about pageant winners that seem to hit home in the heart of viewers and judges. It isn’t always the most perfectly proportioned contestant that wins the swimsuit competition. It’s the one that radiates a sense of comfort and confidence so that the personality shines through. In many ways, the same holds true for singers because they are at one with the message in the song they sing. That connection conveys a confidence and comfort on a level that rings true for audience members.

Many pageant contestants are talented singers, actresses, and performers seeking a platform or venue that will help them build a career based on their respective talent. Brett’s programs and methods, along with occasional sessions booked with his certified associates, will help an aspiring artist find their true voice and realize its full potential in the pursuit of their success.

Be Thankfully Humble

Whatever the nature of the competitive event, be open to change, be willing to grow, and honor the gifts of others. Adapt to trying situations and disappointments with grace and patience, making note of any lessons learned. Respect others and give thanks for every chance you get for sharing one more moment of shine. This attitude of humility and gratitude applies from that first fumbling audition when you feel like running away and hiding to your latest cheering ovation after a lesson with a Brett Manning certified associate.

Forum Tips + Clips

Check out the forums at for stories on how working with programs like Singing Success have helped to open doors of opportunity through competitions, pageants, and other avenues for advancing a singing career. Build friendships, encourage others, gather information, and network while brainstorming with others as a part of this community. Share suggestions for how to make even better!

One of the many benefits of Brett’s approach to coaching is that he teaches you to be yourself. His approach honors the voice that is uniquely yours. He provides life-affirming tools to and help you work at strengthening and exploring all aspects of the potential power of your voice so that you can achieve the greatest degree of your true singing success.

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