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The Power of the Singer as Speaker

Whether you want to be the next superstar or simply want to have a successful career as a singer, it’s important to note the potential power of the human voice.

The human voice has a number of potentially persuasive powers. A strong voice has the ability to trigger and enhance emotions. It can be used to stress critical points or concepts in the sharing of ideas, stories, or songs. The voice can be used to

sell products, speak for animated characters, or even replace the natural voice of an actor through dubbing to make a character seem more dynamic or effective. It can also be used through dubbing for translation in film for appeal to a wider variety of markets.

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Proper Care + Development

So it makes sense that proper care and development of the voice is vital to having a long, successful career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer. But, the need for training and development also applies to an actor or actress, a stand up comedian, a public spokesperson for a business, as well as on air media personnel and broadcast personalities from cable to radio.


Attention to Deliver the Message

In order to command attention or have impact, any politician or government official must have a dynamic, powerfully persuasive voice that conveys confidence, competence, and comfort. The same applies for motivational speakers, comedians, lecturers, sportscasters, on air meteorologists, voice-over talent – in fact, anyone who is called upon to deliver a message to an audience needs reliable training and development to strengthen and protect the voice, so that each message is delivered clearly and properly with its intended impact as fully realized as possible.

Even if you do not make a living primarily with your voice, your ability as a communicator will to a large extent determine your potential for success because things such as the pitch, tone, pacing, and pauses, can effectively engage and stir the interest of the listener.

Vocal Variety Is the Spice

Being able to adjust your tone to any situation, and to add variety in terms of pace and pauses, is critical to effective communication. If you sound monotonous, annoying, or boring you may turn off your audience or shorten their attention span. If your tone is flat or lacks variety, it comes off as if you don’t care, don’t believe in what you’re saying, or it can give the impression that you’re bored. These same elements apply equally to both singing and speaking. A loud, abrasive or aggressive tone can be a turn off because it conveys anger, hostility, smugness, or even bullying. It can also simply be hard on the ears! A sing-song, up and down, repetitive pattern can easily become the focus for a listener and will override the intent of the message, even making something intensely serious seem comical or trivial. A grating, strongly pronounced nasal tone, a habit of saying “um” or “uh” periodically, or even excess breathiness, can undermine the message of a speaker or singer.

Technique + Skill Levels

So, whether you are pursuing a career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, game show host, government official, motivational speaker, or beauty pageant contestant, you need proper voice training to bolster your technical and interpretive skills so that you can use your voice effectively in order to secure and grow your professional success. Development of the full potential of your voice requires two key areas of focus. You want to become technically proficient and flexible, and you want to become interpretively passionate and persuasive.

Get With the Programs

Brett Manning’s Singing Success program is designed to develop and strengthen vocal confidence, competence, and comfort. As you work through the exercises, you gain strength through muscle memory and coordinations that become second nature. You also develop a stronger sense of and feel for what is working properly. You cultivate a better ear for what sounds best and feels right as you properly engage exercises. As the flexibility and strength of your singing voice is developed, you become more confident. You are more comfortable and relaxed in front of an audience, at a microphone, or in a studio setting. Your ability to adapt to a number of demands that arise in a variety of public performances is also strengthened.

Speaking = Singing

As your tone is strengthened and refined, and as your vocal range is extended, you have the potential for more variety with your delivery of a song and for choices in the styles of songs you can sing. You also have the potential for more variety in your speaking voice.

Warming Up + Down

In addition to the enhancements in your voice that Brett’s programs provide, you also learn tips on taking proper care of the voice so that you will not only avoid injury but also give your voice a good, healthy workout. His lessons include an easy to engage proper warm up and warm down for the voice.

Overflowing Impact

The benefits that come from investing in the programs developed by Brett Manning, and by booking sessions with a number of his certified associates, are not just confined to your singing experience. The confidence carries over into your personal life and into many aspects of your professional career from interviews to public appearances, promotions, and so on. You don’t have to worry about how you sound because the technical and interpretive abilities are reliable and are still being strengthened.

More Dynamic

Singing Success also builds on natural, appealing elements in your ability to communicate through your speaking voice. The reverse applies as well. In other words your speaking voice will become more dynamic because of the additional colors and textures that have been discovered, revived, and strengthened through your singing.

Share + Compare Notes

Use the SingingSuccess.TV forums to share the impact that working with programs such as Mastering Mix, the Top 7 series, and Singing Success have had on your speaking voice. What are some things you’ve discovered in your training that you’ve applied to your speaking voice? Do you find that you’re more comfortable and confident with talking to an audience because of your growth in working with Brett’s programs or with a particular Brett Manning certified associate? What impact has singing had on your speaking voice in interviews or meetings with others in the music business and entertainment industry? What impact has the development of your interpretive skills as a singer had on your public speaking or personal communication skills? It’s really all interconnected. So identify those common connections so that they can be further strengthened not only through singing but through speaking as well.

By The Booking

Invest in the programs developed by Brett Manning to continue to improve and strengthen your vocal potential as a singer and speaker. Periodically book a session via Skype, over the phone, or in the studio, with a Brett Manning certified associate vocal coach. Remember that you want to become more technically proficient and flexible, as well as interpretively passionate and persuasive, as a vocalist and as a speaker. This can offer more opportunities for you to use your voice professionally because it makes you a well-rounded, powerful communicator. Cultivating a strong, vocal technique and a reliable interpretive ability are absolutely vital to establishing and obtaining the full potential of your singing success.