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5th Man Obligation 

Two Models of Success 

Nobody’s Coming for You

Bench pressing and realizing nobody’s coming for you to spot or help you and this extra rep is all on you. You have to get it. Failure is not an option, so dig deep and press up one more repetition so you don’t drop the weights on your chest and scream out an embarrassing “heeelp”!

Someone’s There to Help

The second model is somebody there to help you with the psychological trick of somebody just setting a light finger on the bar can suddenly give you strength.  I’ve done this when spotting friends who thought they couldn’t do one more rep.

Both models are very successful in increasing your body’s ability to do the unthinkable.

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The 5th Man Obligation

Within the model—nobody’s coming for you—you can also obligate yourself rather than motivate yourself. If you are merely motivated, you can run out of motivation. But if you are obligated, you have to be there. 

Like the fifth man on the basketball team. I call this the Fifth Man Approach. Your friends are meeting for basketball and they need one more player in order to have five for full-court, pick-up ball.

If you don’t show up, the game is ruined. But if they have seven or eight people, it’s easy for you to not show up. They don’t “need” you, so hit your alarm and go back to sleep.

The funny quote, “discipline pays off in the long run, but laziness pays off right now,” belongs to all of us. We love to kick the can further down the road. I love to fall asleep to Netflix because it helps me to unwind. But my sleep is always better if I can fall asleep in silence.

How Not to Have a Can to Kick Down the Road

One thing I’ve done is set my remote control on top of my dresser upside down as a reminder that I promised myself that I was going to fall asleep in silence. Now I’m beyond motivation to obligation. 

This falls in line with the D.I.N. Approach mentioned in earlier blogs and emails. If you’re willing to “do it now” then there is no kicking the can down the road. Motivation gets you started, but obligation won’t let you quit. 

Don’t Give Yourself an Out

Say yes to the things you say you really want to do. Obligate yourself.  Don’t give yourself a way out or you’ll habituate failure and mediocrity. 

Greatness makes no excuses. Do you?

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