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Voice Scales For Singers

In 1998, I released what has become an international best selling, systematic vocal training program titled Singing Success, which was revised and update in 2015 …

Why Do I Sound Bad When I Record Myself Singing?

Before you ask yourself “does my singing voice sound awful?” remember this crucial concept: Multifactorial– involving or dependent on a number of factors or causes. …

Vocal Warmup Exercises

Vocal Warmup Exercises Brett Manning Author and creator of Singing Success and Brett Manning studios   Why My Opinion matters “I’m famous, and I just don’t …

Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?  Let me start by saying that I’ve taught countless, ‘so-called’ non-singers to sing and to sing well. But guess who …

Portrait of young woman recording a song in a professional studio

My Throat Hurts When Singing!

“My throat hurts” is one of the most common, stressful situations for a singer to experience, especially with a performance just around the corner. Just …

Icons of Rock Music

Baseline Rock (straightforward): Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison Chuck Berry: electric blues w/ some distortion 50’s Rock: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, …

image of a singing career

How To Start A Singing Career

So, you want to be a singer and start a singing career… First things first, before you even think of a singing career, you have …

Vocal Rest 101

Many singers learn about the need for vocal rest the hard way: by experiencing vocal damage. Don’t let this be you!

Is Marijuana Good For My Singing Voice?

A letter from one of our clients… Hello, we have a little bit of a problem here because our lead singer seems to think that …

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How to Come Up With a Stage Name

Stage names can evoke associations with certain genres, feelings, and attitudes. They can even pay homage to other artists. Ultimately, a stage name is an identity and a marketing tool… and you don’t need a massive marketing budget to create a great one.

5th Man Obligation 

You’re the 5th man on the basketball team. If you don’t show up, the game is ruined. Greatness makes no excuses. Do you?

Patience Does Not Equal Productivity

Good things DON’T come to those who wait. NOT true? True? Here’s Brett Manning’s take on patience and productivity!