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Patience Does Not Equal Productivity

Good things DON’T come to those who wait.  

NOT true?  True?

Waiting is actually NOT passive.  It’s an eager and active expectation.  Every present moment contains a future not yet arrived.  Waiting is a word that implies endurance, which requires using an active mind and body.  

So… good things come to those who are actively pursuing their goal, object of desire, or passion WITH HOPE that their efforts will eventually pay off, once their tipping point is reached;  Meaning the point at which all their time, talent, and treasure they’ve invested reach a boiling point or threshold and success spreads like wildfire. 

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This requires a daily habit.  Something I’ve talked about often in my live social media feeds, usually while I’m on the way to my Nashville vocal studio, recording studios, or the gym.  

Smart Habits Checklist

Habits… smart habits… are necessary for success.  Here’s a checklist for you to see if you’re following through with an intelligent and consistent plan:

Do you have a set time to work out, practice, read, study, and effectively earn your results? 

If not, perhaps you’ve not even thought like this. Or, underestimated the value of a great daily discipline.  As you go from interested to committed, you’ll find yourself making “non-negotiable” training times.  Consistency always beats fantasy.

What’s the “insider” knowledge you’re using to accomplish your goals?

It’s been said that there are 6 degrees of separation between you and anyone on earth you wanna meet or have a potential conversation or even friendship with. This means you could talk to someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone… and the maximum number of people between you and a famous author, actor, entertainer, CEO, or world leader would be 6 people! 

But that was decades before the internet.  With the rise of the Web, you were able to reach out via email and possibly meet someone who would’ve previously been difficult to contact… if they had a website and if they were the ones returning emails.  This is not likely, being that the more renowned a person is the more they’re likely to have extremely limited time and many employees at different levels fielding phone calls and emails.  But then, along comes social media and now we all have greater access to more people. 

Maybe you wanna sing like a certain person that you’ve followed for years.  Following them, making thoughtful comments on posts, and eventually reaching out to them for ‘insider’ knowledge is now easier than it’s ever been.  But you must be persistent if you want the “true” scoop on these industry secrets… which are often closely guarded.  Make sure you’re building relationships where you have a certain amount of value to add to someone else’s life before you start hounding them.  This should flow naturally.  Smart people like to share what they know–either to build their own sense of pride or out of an altruistic desire to make the world a better place.

Are you intense???!!! 

Showing up to merely “do something” is NOT the same thing as preparing your mind and body to be fully engaged in the activity you’re about to embark on and conquer.  If you don’t get enough sleep and the right nutrition, you might just be dragging yourself haphazardly along, seemingly without a purpose or a passion.  You should seek out intensity to accomplish greatness!

Are you focused?!

I promise you that most of us have a severe lack of focus. Starting with myself.  There have been landmark studies released over why people can’t do deep work, read entire books, complete projects, create consistently, stay on track, or for far too many of us… finish a coherent sentence without using the words “like, ok, ya know, um, uh” a dozen times a minute. 

A focus hack can be to try painfully quiet surroundings.  Then put on some headphones (possibly in a small, quaint coffee shop or cafe.  Search for playlists with “Classical music for reading” or simply start with basic Bach, i.e. Johann  Sebastian Bach.  Vary the tempo of the music you listen to and see if slower, mid, or faster tempos increase or decrease your concentration. Try this when studying or merely writing out your practice plan and schedule to reach your destination.   

Are you better, worse, or the same as you were a year ago? 

5 years ago?  Is life passing you by?  I’ve gone to the gym for many, many years.  Often, I see someone who’s wandering from this exercise to that exercise with no plan, no defined motivation, no end goal in sight, and…..little or NO results!  What a shame.  It would be like trying to dig a hole, while simultaneously shoveling the dirt back into that same hole. Repeated over and over again, this could and should drive you insane.  If this is you, tap out, hire a personal coach who can reasonably explain their approach and demonstrate results from client testimonials. 

And finally…

Do you have the patience to pursue your passion?  


OK…. So it turns out that patience is truly needed.  But if you don’t have the other ingredients in the above list, you’ll find patience—ironically—a waste of your time.

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