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The way you think about your voice can hold you back or propel you forward. The voice-type line of thinking can be so harmful that it is like a curse, preventing a singer from reaching their full potential.  

First, what are voice types?

Voice-types are categories used to describe a singer’s vocal range and tone quality. Singers typically fall into one of three voice-types: 

Low, alto for women and bass for men 

Mid, mezzo-soprano for women and baritone for men

High, soprano for women and tenor for men

Within these categories are subcategories that add further detail. For example, a lyric tenor is a high male voice with a light tone quality. 

The Curse

If the information above actually seems useful and practical, it’s because it is. Identifying a singer’s natural voice-type helps singers know their vocal range, where their vocal transitions occur (a.k.a. bridges/passagi), what songs are good for them, et cetera.

The curse is thinking that your natural voice-type is all that your voice is capable of achieving.

Too many singers are quick to say, “I can’t sing this because of my voice-type.” Instead, they should be saying, “I can’t sing this because I haven’t developed this part of my voice.” If a particular part of your vocal range is strain-inducing (e.g. causing a constricted throat), then you should train your voice to eliminate that tension.

You can’t use the voice-type excuse if you haven’t tried developing the challenging areas of your voice. However, even if you have tried to develop the difficult parts and were unsuccessful, it is most likely bad instruction or the wrong training plan that resulted in that failure. 

The human voice is so much more malleable than you might think. Even fifteen minutes of good, regular practice can be a total game-changer for your vocal skills.

Don’t lose hope because someone told you that your voice-type can never do the things you dream of singing.

You can make it happen!

Need help breaking through the confines of your natural voice-type? 

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