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Ever wonder, “Does My Voice Sound Good When I Sing?” Do you ever feel lost about how your voice actually sounds when you sing? Use the Three T’s to analyze your singing more effectively!

1. Time

Poor timing makes singers sound amateur. Your voice should move with the rhythm of the music.

Make sure you don’t…

  • sing too fast or too slow
  • speed up or slow down
  • sing in the wrong places

Ask yourself: is my rhythm solid?

2. Tune

Singing the wrong notes, or singing the right notes inaccurately, is another mark of bad singing. If you don’t sing in tune correctly people will say you sound “off-key.”

Make sure you do…

  • Learn every single note you need to sing in a song
  • Practice the notes slowly and accurately
  • Sing in a key that isn’t too high or too low for your voice

Ask yourself: are my notes accurate? 

3. Tone

Your vocal tone quality should match the mood of the song you’re singing. If your tone doesn’t match what the lyrics are expressing, your singing will sound “off” to your audience.

Make sure…

  • You’ve clearly defined what tone qualities you need to use
  • You’re not straining to sing any of the notes
  • Your pronunciation is appropriate for the genre

Ask yourself: does my vocal tone sound right for the song?

Use these Three T’s to analyze your singing. You won’t be left wondering , “Does My Voice Sound Good When I Sing?” any longer. 

Benny Meza is a Master Associate at Brett Manning Studios in Nashville, TN. He’s taught over 6,000 vocal lessons and has worked with clients from Warner Music, RCA, Universal Music Group, and many others. Get to know Benny here!

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