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The 5 Essentials of Smooth Singing

No matter what style of music you sing, smooth singing is required if you want to sound your best. Even high-energy, powerful songs need fluidity to sound good. Fortunately, singing smoothly is a skill that anyone can develop with simple and strategic practice.

Read below to learn the 5 Essentials of Smooth Singing:

1. Vocal Ease

In order to sound smooth, you need to sing in a range that you’ve fully developed. This is because singing in an under-developed range will make your voice strain, which will make your vocal performance sound like trudging through mud. 

2. Legato Articulation

Legato means connecting notes together. In other words, legato singing means that each note you sing touches the next note. Without it, your voice will sound choppy and unmusical. So make sure you’re not cutting your notes short!


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3. Steady Vocal Tone

Your voice can’t sound smooth if your tone quality is unsteady or shaky. Imagine a voice that goes from nasally to yawn-like from one word to another. Additionally, think of a voice suddenly going from a clear sound to an extremely breathy quality. Make your tone quality changes carefully to create a smooth sound.

4. High-level Tuning

Did you know there are levels to singing in tune? It’s not enough to start a word in tune, it needs to stay in tune through its duration. Singing pitches accurately through their entirety will result in a smoother sound, so be sure to keep your notes straight.

5. Dynamic Control

Dynamics refers to the volume of a sound. Make sure to change your voice’s volume incrementally in order to achieve a nice, smooth sound. Also, pay special attention not to yell as this is the most common culprit for un-smooth dynamics.

If you’re currently working on making your singing sound smoother, make sure you apply these 5 Essentials of Smooth Singing. You will hear the difference!

Benny Meza is a Master Associate at Brett Manning Studios in Nashville, TN. He’s taught over 7,000 vocal lessons and has worked with clients from Warner Music, RCA, Universal Music Group, and many others.

If you’d like one-on-one help to develop a smoother voice, book a Skype or in-person lesson with Benny today!