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Build Confidence To Secure Your Singing Success

You’ve heard the phrase, “knowledge is power”, but that’s not entirely true. If the knowledge you’ve gained contains misinformation, then by applying that knowledge, you can worsen your situation. It can throw you off track in pursuit of your goals. It can compromise or potentially ruin your reputation.

Misinformation about training and proper care can damage your voice, shake your confidence, and prematurely end your career. And, even if the knowledge you gain is the real deal, it’s power means little or nothing unless it is applied and engaged. Then, you will see results and feel the difference. That confidence will then begin to build on itself. As you see more positive results, you continue to grow more competent and confident.

You’ve Got Some Nerve

One of the biggest challenges many singers face is a lack of confidence, and it often manifests itself as nerves. More often it becomes a series of stumbling blocks that get higher and harder to get until it becomes a wall. That lack of confidence can keep you from performing, investing in singing lessons, and can eventually lead to shutting down or avoiding something that is a potential source of great satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, a wellspring of real joy, and a career of singing success.

Dismiss Excuses If you’re one of those singers that tend to put off finding a coach or investing in the Singing Success and Mastering Mix programs, it’s likely because you’re lacking in confidence or you’re thinking that maybe it’s not the right thing to pursue as a career choice. You may have some genuine issues with anxiety about performing in front of people. It’s fair to say that you might have some legitimate issues with cash flow; and if this is the case, assess your financial situation and make your investment in Brett Manning’s programs part of your personal budget. Once you make that commitment you get a better sense of what’s needed to make the investment and move forward. From Practice To Performance To Perfection Gaining knowledge through various self-help books, meditation techniques, and relaxation exercises can certainly help to identify and address issues you may have with nerves, self-doubt, and fear. But real confidence won’t begin to grow without actively engaging some kind of public performance, even if it’s singing in the church choir or getting together with friends on karaoke nights. Even the knowledge you gain from working with programs like Mastering Mix will not be fully realized until it is actively engaged through practice and performance. Confidence comes with the “doing”. That’s why it’s critical to hone your craft as a singer by using proper techniques that are taught via lessons with a Brett Manning Associate or with programs like Singing Success and Mastering Mix. Seek perfection in your practice and performance. Confidence Requires Communication But again, confidence will not grow in a vacuum. As a singer you are a communicator. You deliver messages and tell stories that move people. You get them to think and feel. It requires an audience, someone to receive the message and hear the story in order, or it is otherwise incomplete. You must run the risk of being liked, rejected, celebrated, critiqued, or heckled in order to truly grow more confident as a singer. You can sing in your shower or closet with stronger interpretive skills, a greater range, and better tonality, but it won’t begin to truly grow until you perform live in front of an audience, whether it’s on stage, in a club, at church, at an audition, or in the studio. From Fear & Trembling To Strong & Steady Think of something in your life that you put off doing because you were scared or unsure of your ability or maybe didn’t know how to do it. Did you just hop on a bike the very first time and pedal for five miles in the mountains? Did you jump into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim and miraculously engage in several laps of the backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle disciplines? But, on the other hand, were you fearful of anything that is now engaged with such a level of confidence that it’s become second nature? Brett Manning + Tom Jackson = Success Confidence with your singing will grow as you learn and apply the techniques taught by Brett Manning’s methods. You will not be threatened by misinformation because his programs give you techniques and tools to strengthen your voice. You will stretch, bend, and extend to your fullest potential as a singer. Your performance skills and confidence can be grown through applying what is learned from Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success programs that work heart-in-hand with Brett Manning’s tools to build a confident, complete singer and live performer. Stepping Out, Stepping Up, Stepping On If nerves and fear are your greatest stumbling blocks, start by taking one step at a time, and you’ll find that as your confidence grows, those steps get bigger, and things that were once stumbling and shuddering blocks will become places in your heart that sing with confidence. Start out by looking for every little opportunity to sing. Start by singing for a friend or a family member, and then add a few more friends and loved ones as you get more comfortable. Look for singing opportunities in your community, small gatherings such as a nursing home, children’s hospital, or audition for a local theatre group. If you’re cast in a production, there’s a chance to grow more confident as you gain more experience performing. If you’re not cast, keep auditioning, and ask for feedback. Either way, by auditioning, you have taken a step toward growing your confidence. Move On To What’s Next You want each step you take to boost your confidence and motivate you to tackle your next singing challenge. Look for enough opportunities to keep moving forward and keep learning. Set a simple objective with each step you take and honestly assess your progress with each step. You want to avoid any lengthy lapses between your performances. That way your confidence will build on itself with each step. Even if you falter, make note of what went wrong, what you’ve learned; so you can move forward with greater confidence. Just Do It To Get Through It Years ago I decided to take an acting class because the thought of getting up in front of people had begun to terrify me. It was so bad that I literally shook. I’d become so stiff because I was afraid if I moved, I’d start shaking. The acting class required that we do seven scenes in a twelve-week period. So, I found that part of me deep inside that wanted to break through the shaking and stumbling, and I committed to doing 40 scenes. The first few were a nightmare. Several of the performances may have been recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey as a moderate tremor with the threat of a sizable, sweaty tearful tsunami or two; but, I pushed through. The confidence came slowly at first. But because I kept pushing forward, I grew stronger, calmer, and more focused. By stepping up, facing the fear, learning and developing skills, I found a real, true, natural ability to communicate as a performer. Confidence Is Catching The confidence you grow as a singer will have a positive impact on other areas of your life. The sense of tackling a major fear or area of doubt is empowering and affirming. That sense of taking charge will lead to better management of daily tasks. You’ll feel better about yourself and that will give you more energy and help you to focus. You won’t have the dreaded specter of doom running you ragged because it has been run off by the steps you’re taking. Go For Your Goals You may not have a desire to be a star on Broadway or be the lead singer in a band. Maybe you teach young children or run a daycare and want to have more confidence as you engage the kids in singing. It could be that you’re the music director or worship leader at your church and you want to sing with greater confidence. You could be a young mom or dad or a new grandparent that wants to sing lullabies. Confidence and commitment are keys to achieving your singing goal, whatever it is. Sing + Share Make the decision to kindle that burning desire to move past anxiety and become more confident. Find songs that you enjoy singing that are in line with your current ability, and seek opportunities to share them. Don’t let a lack of confidence stand in the way of developing your singing and performance skills to the fullest. Even The Best Have Their Doubts Many accomplished singers still have their limitations and doubts. In fact, some well known entertainers are plagued by doubts and fears, but it’s their love for what they do, as well as the need to be liked or loved, or to make a difference, that drives them to perform. That drive kicks fear and doubt to the curb, waiting for the ride home. Confidence Will Come Confidence will come with your commitment to move past the fear and doubt. You’ll take more risks, and when you stumble you’ll get back up and press on having learned from the experience. Confidence grows with experience through performing in front of people, processing the feedback, and investing in tools that engage your full potential for your personal and professional singing success. Let’s Face It Head On! You will never have success or realize your full potential as a singer if you don’t face the challenge head on, step by step, day by day, gig by stage by session by heart. Engage in that walk of commitment on a daily basis. Include the programs offered by Brett Manning and Tom Jackson, and the confidence will come. Visit and and discover ways to make your live music performance moving and memorable and to further enhance your singing success.

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