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CONQUERING SHYNESS (Or At Least Shushing It)

I was a very shy teenager. I was also on the road 250 days a year at the age of 17. I have some tips to give; hopefully some of them will work for you!

~Stand tall.

Keep your shoulders squared and your chin up. It takes courage to get on stage. Remember to be proud of yourself for mustering that courage.

~Don’t believe that you have to be anyone else but you up there.

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There is tremendous power in the humility to simply be yourself whether you are with a friend or on stage in front of 10,000 people.

~They WANT you to do well.

Understand that audiences want you to do well. They’re rooting for you.  Try to make eye contact with a few folks and sing your song to them. It’ll take your mind off of what the audience is thinking.

~Preparation is half the battle.

If you are as prepared as you can be, let go. See if you can let go enough and trust enough to let the performer in you come out. Know your lyrics like the back of your hand. Think through your performance and imagine yourself doing your very best.

I hope some of this helps,

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