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Follow Up For Follow Through

One of the challenges many face on the road to singing success is a lack of follow up or follow through. For some, it’s a case of not knowing what the next step is. For others, they know what the next step requires and either don’t want to do it, want to find a way around it, don’t agree with it, or fear they can’t do it.

Follow up and follow through are obviously critical to your growth and the advancement of your career as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician. If you don’t follow up or follow through, you get stuck, get discouraged, stagnate, and can even give up.

Commit To Action

If you don’t commit to doing the necessary work to engage and enhance your gifts, you will eventually suffer some consequences. Others may assume that you don’t take yourself or your gifts seriously. For some people, follow up and follow through become tasks or objectives that are assigned to others.

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This perspective of relegating certain tasks to others for your career development is understandable to a point. For example, many artists don’t necessarily have marketing skills. But, if you know this is a weakness that may be hampering your ability to get seen and heard, you need to hook up with someone that has these abilities. So, making the effort to engage smart, targeted networking is clearly part of follow up and follow through, if there are skill sets that are not part of your expertise.

Get Around What’s Blocked

Many very gifted, genuinely sensitive singers, singer-songwriters, and singing musicians will get stuck or blocked because of their reluctance to follow up or follow through. Think of how many situations you’ve been in where maybe you were told you need to find a vocal coach or get a program such as Mastering Mix. But you keep putting it off. Yet you’ve seen the results achieved by someone you know.

Determine The Next Step

For those of you who write or play in a band, think of times you’ve collaborated successfully, but then you’ve done nothing outside of getting together to capitalize on that success. You need to determine the next step. It may be a demo session or a showcase at a local venue. So you need to ask yourself, how do we get this done? What will it cost? What do we need to work on? And then, map out a game plan, with a checklist, and follow up and follow through by taking the appropriate action.

All of this sounds obvious. But stop and think about how many times you’ve been advised to do certain things to advance your career that you’re still reluctant to engage or you choose to ignore. Then, ask yourself what the pay off is for not taking action. What is it appealing to or reinforcing? Why are you reluctant? What’s stopping you from taking the next step?

Move Forward

After you assess the situation, identify that next step for follow up and follow through. Then, take action. Move closer to improving your situation or gaining greater knowledge or more experience. Take a chance on moving forward. And, if you stumble, regroup and try again as you apply what you’ve learned in the process.

Fight Fear

Many people will let a disappointment stop them from moving forward. If it’s a case of not knowing what to do, share your situation and concerns with someone. Use the forums here at Singing Success-TV for more information, advice, or resources to help you move forward. Ask one of our vocal coaches for advice. If it’s a case of being afraid you can’t do something, share that fear with others. See if anyone has had that same doubt or fear and find out what they’ve done to overcome it and move on.

Voice Your Views

If it’s a case of something you either don’t want to do or don’t agree with, share your views with others or solicit their experience or opinion on the matter. This can give you more insight and help you take some kind of alternative action as your next step for follow up or follow through. Sometimes your reason for not wanting to do something might just be because you have a better idea or a unique perspective that needs to be further developed and explored. By sharing your thoughts, doubts, fears, and concerns, you’ll be better equipped to make a wise decision as you move forward.

Natural Stopping Points

It’s natural to have stopping points where you assess, regroup, evaluate, and simply mull things over. It’s a natural part of the creative process. In fact, it’s a natural, healthy part of life in general. You want to make sure that your follow up moves you forward and sets you up for success and not failure. So, you want to make sure you’re headed in the right direction as you follow up and follow through to advance your career. It’s those blocks or plateaus that occur because of a reluctance to commit that become problematic and can ultimately create road blocks, detours, or side tracks that lead you way off course. So, always share concerns about the next step you need to take in moving closer to the dreams and goals you have in the pursuit of your singing success.

Get Unstuck

If you find that you keep getting stuck on a certain issue in your career pursuit as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Once you admit to yourself that you need some guidance or information, the resources become available. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and even a little clueless sometimes. But don’t just stand there, ask for help. And, when you get it, show your gratitude by putting it to good use.

Frequent Forums

Use the forums here at Singing Success-TV and ask for advice and information you need to help you avoid getting stuck in a rut because of fear, doubt, a lack of knowledge, or a lack of confidence. Speak up and share your concerns and your experiences. Share your successes, too! The first step for follow up and follow through is to admit you need help. There are many guiding hands full of advice available here at Singing Success-TV to assist you in the pursuit of your singing success.