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Pumping Up Perspective for Singing Success

In your pursuit of singing success, it’s important to stay positive and open, especially in the face of disappointment and delays that you’ll likely encounter.

An unhealthy or negative outlook will begin to interfere with things like your level of commitment to a daily practice routine and your ability to focus or concentrate. The quality of your warm-up, proficiency in coordinations and muscle memory, or proper engagement of the exercises in Singing Success or Mastering Mix can become significantly compromised.

Communication with others, such as your vocal coach, band members, venue owners, and even your audience, will suffer when negativity becomes the filter through which you view your potential as a singer.

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But there are some things you can do to stay upbeat, fresh, and open, so that you continue to make progress as you chase your dream.

Common Practices

There are several common sense practices that are often taken for granted and readily neglected, especially when you are spending a lot of time and energy on something you love. Aside from the obvious need for hydration, two of the most overlooked areas for neglect involve sleep and exercise.

These can be easily neglected because many of you may be working a variety of jobs at the same time you are pursuing your singing career. There may be extended periods of time when your work schedule, in combination with rehearsal, singing gigs, and daily practice, does not allow you to get a full six to eight hours of sleep each night.

Sleep deprivation over an extended period of time will cause many side effects that include everything from errors in judgment and fuzzy thinking to irritability and even depression. Then, by trying to push harder to fight through, you run the risk of more serious issues that can lead to various forms of burn out.

Cats Naps In Stretches

When you can’t get at least six hours of sleep daily, it’s important to take two or three short naps whenever possible throughout the day. This allows your body the chance to rest and relax. If catnaps are not feasible, then some form of focused relaxation or meditation such as yoga can be beneficial. In fact, meditation can also be an effective means to reducing stress. It helps you achieve perspective and can help with focus and concentration.

Walking Wonders

As for exercise, something as simple as a 30-minute walk each day can do wonders for lifting your spirit and sharpening your senses. The simple act of enjoying the outdoors, sunlight, and fresh air is naturally energizing but all too often overlooked. Walking will obviously increase circulation and stimulate the benefits of mood enhancing endorphins that your body produces.

Lips Rolls + Warm Ups

While on your walk, you can listen to your favorite music, or you can review a recording of your latest daily practice, or listen to a recorded session with a Brett Manning certified associate. You can engage lip rolls, humming scales, and other simple warm ups as you go for a walk. You can sing as you walk or think through a song set, using the duration of a song set as the allotted time for your walk.

Daydream Themes

Be creative in designing themes or activities that positively reinforce the pursuit of your singing career. Maybe twice a week your walk is focused on daydreaming. Your daydream might focus on performing at a specific venue, in a music video, or as a guest on a favorite TV show.

Forgive + Let Go

You might engage positive thoughts of letting go of grudges or past mistakes. You might think about forgiving a friend or yourself for something hurtful and think of positive steps to take in moving on. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for forgetting a lyric or hitting a flat note at your last gig.

You might even choose to periodically dedicate one walk to forgiveness – as you work through a series of people and situations to come to terms with. You can think of this healing activity as part of your daily walk. You can then set aside one walk per week or every other week for this practice of letting go and moving on.

Steps into Goals

One walk per week may focus on mastering a specific goal in strengthening your voice. Or you might think about ideas for new material or a new look. Something on your walk might trigger stories you can share as part of your banter in between songs you perform. The possibilities for positives to enhance your daily walk are up to you.

By assigning positive, fun, creative themes and objectives to your walks, you not only get the benefits of physical exercise, but you also reap the rewards that come with stimulating positive thinking, fresh ideas, visualization of goals – whatever you choose to help you stay upbeat will aid in maintaining your commitment to your singing career.

Laughter Factor

In addition to walking or exercise and getting sufficient sleep, there are several other simple tips for staying positive. One beneficial practice is to engage humor by watching a film or TV show that makes you laugh, going to a comedy club, or reading material that cracks you up.

Playtime Connection

Playing games with others helps with socialization, relaxation, motivation, and communication, while giving the senses a vibrant, healthy workout. It also reinforces a healthy, positive sense of connection to others.

Connection can also be reinforced by being part of a workout group of some kind such as a group of running enthusiasts or a group of singers sharing ideas and giving feedback. That shared experience keeps you positive, connected, competitive, and refreshed.

Affirm Uniqueness

To help yourself stay positive, avoid comparing your life experience with others in terms of judgment. It’s important to share common experiences and offer support for each other, but it’s also vital to honor your differences, to learn from each other, and to affirm each other’s unique voice and presence.

In Touch + In Place

Stay in touch with your friends, loved ones, and mentors. Also, make it a daily practice to thank someone or do something good for someone else. It reinforces your positive place in the world and keeps you more focused on being appreciative. And, always end each day by thinking about one thing you are looking forward to the next day that will move you closer to your dream career as a singer.

Fuel for Forums

Share positive practices and success stories with others at through the forums. Talk about specific vocal clips or exercises that keep you energized and positive. Compare notes on your assessment of Brett Manning’s clips and those of his stable of coaches.

Don’t be afraid to offer a testimonial on a positive boost in your spirits or perspective that has come directly from your work with a Brett Manning certified associate or through working through a program such as Singing Success, Mastering Mix, or one of the Top 7 series.

Gift Raps

Talk to fellow singers, your mentors, vocal coach and others about tips for staying positive while strengthening the gifts of your voice, performance skills, and creativity.

Remember that something as simple as a commitment to sufficient sleep and a daily walk, along with making sure you stay hydrated, will work wonders in maintaining a healthy supply of positive energy and focus that you need as you pursue the full measure of your singing success.