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Sharpen Your Singing Skills Via Skype

For many of you there may not be a Brett Manning certified associate near by, and getting to Nashville to book sessions at Brett Manning Studios might not be feasible or it may be something you’re planning in the future.

In the meantime, sessions with our coaches are available via Skype (webcam) and even over the phone. This is a valuable method for getting the benefit of one on one coaching with a trained associate while also reinforcing and clarifying the singing lessons, coordinations, and exercises explored in Brett Manning’s signature programs such as Singing Success and Mastering Mix.

Perks For Quirks

“Skype is an amazing and valuable alternative to our in-studio sessions,” said Shelby Rollins, a fully certified Brett Manning Associate based in Nashville. “I was skeptical myself at first, but now I even teach phone lessons! It’s just a computer screen, not that drastic of a difference. The only down side is that you can’t see what cute shoes I may be wearing that day…sad.”

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You can struggle on your own, or you can get direct access to the Nashville Coaches who have launched some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Shelby admits that using Skype has some unique challenges, but she has grown to appreciate the delivery opportunity to reach students that may not have otherwise had any live exposure to the proven methods developed by Brett Manning.

Skype Sharpens Skills

As for the challenges that come from not sitting across from the piano keyboard in a private room, many actually become opportunities for sharpening skills that will make you a stronger, more versatile singer with greater adaptability.

“Actually, I tell my Skype students this a lot that one of Skype’s so-called downfalls provides a better skill for them,” she said. “I can’t play live on the piano via Skype. I play a chord, and then I let the student sing the scale a cappella. This is because Skype’s audio will cut out if I play while the student sings at the same time, much like I often do in person. However, the advantage to this challenge is the development of ear training. Skype students have a sharper ear for pitch because they don’t have those training wheels of the piano guiding their steps as they would in an in-studio session. But again, it’s actually a great problem!”

Points For Focus

Skype also subtly helps you to sharpen and refine communication skills as you must focus on the screen, listening to prompts, suggestions, and direction from the coach. Even though your personal space will have some potential distractions, your point of focus is so much more clearly defined.

It gives you the opportunity to literally work on basic communication skills such as asking specific questions and bringing concerns to the coach in your singing lesson that targets specific areas, postures, positions, tones, exercises, and so on. It truly does bring fine-tuning and sharp-focus into play as skills that help you to become much more disciplined.

Sound Imagery

Your coach will likely use images to help you with making sounds or may describe why something worked or did not work in anatomical terms. They may ask you to visualize something to help you feel and achieve specific objectives. The coach will tell you what to listen for. This will help you make sensory connections to reinforce and reaffirm key points in each Skype session that might not have grabbed your sensory attention in an in-studio session.

Comfort Controls

Another advantage is having more hands on control over creating a comfortable environment for your lesson. You can actually get your lesson in the exact same space where you do your warm up and follow the lessons in the products and programs you have purchased from such as the Top 7 series, Mastering Mix, Singing Success, and the Pro-Singer’s Warm Up.

But the same general rules apply to each Skype session that would apply to any singing lesson you’ve had or will have, from when you first learned how to sing in daycare to the last rehearsal you had with your church choir director.

Put In Perspective

One of the most important rules is to take criticism seriously but not personally. In other words, take it to heart as if your singing success depends on it – as it should – but put it in perspective by understanding it is given to bring out your best as singer so that your full potential can be realized, and so others may enjoy your singing, be inspired by it, and possibly even be prompted to learn how to sing.

Flexible Location

Another advantage of Skype sessions is that you have some flexibility with the location. Let’s say you’ll be working later than expected, but have booked a Skype session. However you realize you’re not going to be able to get home in time to make the session. You may not have to reschedule if you get permission from your workplace and the workspace is equipped to handle your session. You can call (615) 866-1099 to let your coach know of any changes in advance so that you start on time. And always, call as soon as possible to let your coach know if something does come up that means you can’t make your appointment and have to reschedule.

The same flexibility with location applies if you’re on vacation and would like a Skype session as a fun treat to reinforce your commitment to becoming a better singer and stronger communicator. The same courtesy applies if you can’t meet your commitment as scheduled.

Skype Extra Coaches

You can also book Skype sessions with a number of certified Brett Manning associates. In fact, we encourage studying with each of our coaches. This will provide you with the most comprehensive training available anywhere in the world. All of our lessons are available as in-studio, over-the-phone, or Skype lessons.

Same Quality As In-Studio

Remember that your Skype lesson with a certified Brett Manning Master Associate is no compromise in quality. Brett has personally trained this select group to deliver his technique to the world. Each of them spends hundreds of hours learning and observing. When you book a Skype lesson from a certified Brett Manning Associate you are getting top quality teaching from a professional vocal instructor who has met every detail of stringent standards that Brett’s personal certification requires – without exception.

Hype Your Skype Experience

Use the forums at for feedback on Skype lessons and to voice any concerns you may have or to get tips on preparation for your first Skype encounter with a certified Brett Manning Associate. Share your experience with the lessons you get from more than one certified Brett Manning Associate. Share the perks and quirks of having a team of coaches help to determine a game plan for helping you reach your goals.

Then plan your trip to Nashville for an in-studio session at Brett Manning Studios and to check out the many music venues that are a part of the rich history and culture of Music City, U.S.A. Call (615) 866-1099 to book your first or next Skype session. Purposely choose two of Brett’s certified associates for separate lessons. The more training you engage, the stronger and sharper your skills, and the closer you move to awakening the possibilities and promise of your singing success.

Shelby Rollins

To learn more about Brett Manning Associate and vocal coach Shelby Rollins, visit Shelby Rollins is available for vocal lessons either in-person in Nashville, over the phone, or via Skype. Please email or call (615) 866-1099 to inquire about or schedule a lesson!