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Take the Lead In Your Singing Success

If you’re a singer putting together a band, participating in a community choir, or doing session work, you must not only be prepared and focused, but you must also be on your best behavior, with an open, willing spirit of cooperation.

If you’re an actress or actor in rehearsal, a voice-talent doing several characters for a series of promos, or a motivational speaker working with his support team on developing a new project, that willing spirit of cooperation is vital to making whatever you’re working on a success.

Collaborative Effort

Every successful voice-driven career is a collaborative effort that requires continuous clear communication, a conscientious commitment to excellence, and a willing spirit of cooperation.

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Core Values

These core values of clear communication, quality commitment, and collaborative cooperation are absolutely essential to getting you on track, staying on track, and giving you a head’s up perspective that will help you navigate rough spots, detours, and potentially devastating mishaps on the road to your singing, acting, or speaking success.


Ditch What Drags

If a willing spirit of cooperation is lacking from any one key member of a band, choir, support group, development team, PR firm, mastermind group, stage crew, studio staff – there will be issues that are potential time wasters, deal breakers, and trouble makers that will quickly snuff sparks of creative potential, fog up a focus on the bigger picture, and wreck any resolve until a determined drive becomes a debilitating deathly drag.

That’s not to say that people won’t have problems or issues that are difficult to censor or keep in check. We’re all human, and we all have bad days. But, the primary focus must always be on pulling together for the greatest good in any collaborative effort.

Be What You Stand For

Even if your focus is on a solo career as a singer, there are many hands, voices, personalities, opinions, and roads traveled that factor into your success. That’s why it’s important to stay positive, be focused, and know what you want. You must be clear on what you stand for, what you’re willing to do, and have well-defined boundaries in terms of what’s acceptable and what is unmistakably off-limits. That doesn’t mean that there’s no room for discussion or entertaining different perspectives. You want to encourage and stimulate fresh ideas, strong opinions, and open communication. The overriding objective should be a dedication to discerning and engaging the greatest good that offers the strongest potential for success in your voice-driven career. So, diverse perspectives are healthy when united by a common goal.

Block the Toxic

What you don’t want are factors that are toxic. You don’t want your success to be under-minded through things such as petty personality clashes, issues of envy or jealousy, and what may well be one of the most viral toxins – gossip. There are a few habits to adopt that will help you minimize these toxic factors in pulling together your band, working with support team members, interacting with consultants, networking; and even, in dealing with friends and family members.

Direct Expectation

When it comes to communicating with others, say what you mean and mean what you say. You must set the bar high, demanding clear, honest, direct communication at all times with everyone that impacts the development, maintenance, and advancement of your career. If you sense that something is wrong, unclear, or a potential problem, address the parties involved with a clear focus on gaining a greater understanding, establishing common ground for resolving the issue, and moving forward.

Nip It -Nix It – Now

Also – whenever you sense that something is not quite working or is not clearly defined, don’t wait until the issue gets worse. Call those involved together and make a commitment to a workable solution that will generate positive results that keeps your career on a successful path.

Ask Questions

If there’s something you don’t understand, ask questions. If you need more information, ask more questions and seek additional resources as needed. Don’t shy away from issues or miss a chance to advance because you know you need more information.

Discourage Gossip

When it comes to gossip, you must stand firm from the very beginning that it will not be tolerated. Gossip is clearly toxic. It clouds perspective and is designed to distort, disturb, and distract. If you sense a bit of gossip starting to come from a member of your support team, change the subject. If the person persists in spewing, stop them politely but firmly, and restate your policy on gossiping. Do nothing to stir up what has already spilled. Walk away, letting them know you’re available to talk once they can let go of the gossip.

Affirm Your Supporters

You must honor each individual for the role they play. You don’t want to give the impression that one person is more important than another. Let them know they are appreciated and are valued. Affirm the strengths and gifts of others. Find ways to reward people for their support, whether it’s kind words, cutting them some slack for having a bad day or making a mistake, or taking them to lunch. Honor those that have a hand in helping you pursue your passion for your voice-driven career.

No Blame – No Shame

Act responsibly in working with others. Allow for compromise and negotiation as needed. When the urge comes up to shame or blame others, steer yourself toward the issues at hand, with your focus on solutions that will generate and encourage forward motion in the pursuit of your career.

Stay On the Same Page

Clearly state ground rules, values, and expectations for your career with those on your team so that everyone is on the same page. Periodically revisit and review those rules, values, and expectations, and adjust as needed. Be open to any suggestions that can enhance or improve you career pursuits in areas such as live performance or presentation skills, issues with image or handling the media, networking, bookings, or finding resources for developing material.

On Track Training

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Forum Fueling

Use the forums here at SingingSuccess.TV to gain valuable information on resources for strengthening your support team. Ask for examples of problem-solving in situations where there are conflicts between band members or personality clashes with other support personnel.

It’s Up to You

Remember your success requires a willing spirit of cooperation that starts with you. Clear communication and a commitment to excellence in the pursuit of your voice-driven career must be priorities for you and for those you entrust to help make your dreams a reality.

It’s Your Business

You are the CEO of your voice-driven business and you are also its prime product for delivery. Protect your self-interest by investing in the collaborative efforts of those that support the core values and vision you have for the success of your voice-driven career.