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Focus Your Vision for Singing Success

Visualization is a powerful tool that, when properly engaged, can be used to enhance performance and even increase a drive toward and feeling for success as you define it.

Nix Negatives

One of the biggest challenges for many is negative images that may come up in the visualization process, most often triggered by fearful, doubtful thinking. This may be further complicated by tendencies toward self-sabotage that may be rooted in feeling that you either don’t deserve success, or you simply don’t see how you could ever achieve it. So much energy in this case is spent fighting fear or doubt or by feeding negative, bitterly critical self-talk.

Negative imagery can also come into play because of skepticism. Let’s face it. If you think visualization is silly or a waste of time, even the most fully developed pictures of what you believe represents success will quickly fade or seem false.

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Practice Positive Imagery

You need a little practice at playing with positive imagery where you let your thoughts and dreams engage things that are virtually fool-proof in terms of their potential power to make you feel good about life.

Dream for a Week

To give you colors to paint with, and to provide additional fire power to light your imagination, set aside some time late each evening for at least a full week where you will indulge the following exercise. Best of all, this approach encourages both the practical thinker and the fanciful dreamer in you to play with positives.

Defining Highlight

Start by thinking back on the day as you look for what you would consider the highlights. If the day didn’t seem to have any, go back to the day before. You want to start by zeroing in on something that is still fresh. From the highlights that come to mind, pull out one incident, moment, conversation, message; special achievement – whatever stands out as the one thing that’s happened recently that you truly feel good about. Take time to focus on this defining highlight and savor all aspects of it. How does it make you feel? What senses are stimulated by this highlight? What sounds are triggered when you think back over this highlight?

Feel the Rhythm of Upbeat

As you begin to focus on this highlight, see if other positive experiences, encounters, moments, conversations are triggered. Let your mind explore other playful thoughts and dreams that make you feel more upbeat, hopeful, focused, positive, and determined to succeed.

Picture Proof Supporters

Now think about someone who encourages the pursuit of your voice-driven career. This might be a mentor, close friend, coach – anyone that you know is behind you 100 percent. This might even be a teacher you had in first grade or happen to be studying with now. It might be your best friend from childhood. This person has to be devoted to you and supports your dream career. In your mind, take this person on a tour of your positive experiences or highlights that have come to mind. Then, include the memory of a special moment shared with this person.

Positive Points of Pursuit

Before ending the exercise for the day, you ask the person what they see in you that tells them without question that you will be successful in the pursuit of your career. Indulge the moment by making note of the things that come to mind that resonate with you most deeply. If something negative creeps in, dismiss it by turning the image into a positive. The exercise concludes with you having something to hold onto in your heart that lets you know that your potential for success is already unfolding.

Record + Reinforce

Record your responses to the exercise afterward. You want to capture the thoughts, dreams, images, feelings, senses that are the strongest and most positive. These can be spoken into a voice recorder or video camera. They must also be written down. The act of handwriting is like signing a contract to seal your deal for success.

Nightly Highlights

You can have a different highlight to explore or can build on the same highlight each night, examining and savoring different aspects and sensory details with the same person or with different people each evening. Note also how your dreams have been impacted by this nightly exercise. Also make note of how your awareness of positive activity and potential has been enhanced throughout the day.

Indulge Images of Success

Once you’ve completed a full week of playing with positives, it’s time to turn your thoughts to positive imagery that represents success in the pursuit of your voice-driven career. For example one night you may be singing at your favorite venue. It could be a tribute to your favorite composer who is accompanying you, while you share the stage with an artist that’s a personal hero. You might be giving a keynote speech at a fundraiser where a panel of honored guests is made up of favorite singers, writers, humanitarians, social leaders, mentors, and other celebrities. You could be at an awards banquet as a presenter and as a recipient. You might be taking a world cruise to celebrate the first year of your amazing success as a singer-songwriter, broadcast journalist, stand up comic, or motivational speaker.

Dream Wild + Free

Let your imagine run as wild and free as your dreams allow – and then take it all in. Get used to encouraging and entertaining positive thoughts through visualization. It will give you additional insight and creative confidence.

Share It + Book It

Share the results with others via the forums at as you note shifts in your attitude and energy. Talk about how you overcame the challenges faced with any bouts of doubt, fear, or skepticism. Make the move to book another session with one of Brett Manning’s certified associates. Make a point to take each positive from the session to heart so that it feeds your drive toward success.

Believing Is Seeing

Remember that in the long run, believing is seeing. What you have faith in is what you invite, pursue, and embrace. Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself and your potential for success.

Brett’s Dream For You

Brett’s teaching begins with a real reverence for and understanding that your voice is truly unique. You are one of a kind. His teaching gives you the tools you need to help you make the most of the gift you’ve been given. Dare to dream, and fearlessly awaken the full vision and potential power in the pursuit of your voice-driven success.