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Training And Support For Singing Success

No matter how proficient you become from a technical perspective there is an intangible element that always factors into the perception of your performance as a singer and its reception by your audience.

Think about this. Singing is an emotional experience, a physical workout, and a full throttled sensory exploration. You are at once intimate and wide open. Your singing builds a bond or bridge that connects you with your audience. You are completely vulnerable, relying on the quality of your performance to take care of you.

So what can you do to secure and shore up these facets of some intangible element that determines whether or not you and your audience are satisfied?

Technique Grows Confidence

One of the keys comes with technique and commitment to ongoing training to strengthen your voice and realize the full potential of your singing success. As you improve your technical skills, you become more confident, capable, comfortable and committed to continued growth and improvement.

Think of how it was when you first started singing. There were areas where you lacked technique. So there was material you would have liked to tackle as a singer, or maybe even tried to tackle, that fed frustration or made you feel more self-conscious. The disappointments and awkwardness might have gone so far that you seriously thought about giving up on singing forever.

Brett’s Programs

But once you found Brett Manning’s programs, you began to gain confidence and felt free to explore your voice as his methods and teaching and exercises opened you up. It’s just like learning to ride a bike after you toss off the training wheels. You want to take off and go exploring. You begin to trust yourself and not be so self-conscious.

Again, because singing is an emotional experience, if your emotions are positive and open, you’ll feel encouraged to try new things, explore new material, get more training, share ideas, and overall, you’ll also simply feel better!

Get Physical To Boost Spirits

There’s also the physical element to consider. If you are out of shape or are poorly conditioned, there are limits to your ability to perform at the level of your greatest potential. By engaging in a regular exercise program that includes daily walks or jogging, your stamina and over physical well-being will improve. 

The greater fitness level and stamina frees you up to try new things. Endorphins are released when you jog or walk for 30 minutes or more. They naturally lift your spirit, help to clear your thinking, improve circulation, steady the nerves, and free up creativity. A greater level of fitness and stamina will also help with breath control.

By getting into better shape, you’ll feel better physically. Again, this feeds confidence and comfort. The improvement in conditioning will allow you to commit more time and energy to training and trying new ideas. It encourages a playful mindset in your approach to honing your craft and feeds the fun that comes from singing.

Material Connections

Choice of material plays a role in the intangibles that secure a successful performance. In other words, your connection to the audience is contingent upon your connection to the songs you sing. The connection is emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. How you relate to the songs you sing determines what you communicate to your audience. And what is communicated will prompt their response to you.

So it’s critical to choose material that you connect with in some way whether it’s an idea you love, a place it takes you, or a feeling you need to share or release. When a song carries a message you want to deliver from your heart and soul, there’s the real potential for something mystifying or magical to happen.

Passion Pumps

Your passion for the material you sing can also make your more passionate about singing. Think of how certain ideas or causes get you excited or pumped. Think of incidents or people or ideas that make you light up or catch fire. Think of the impact that energy has on you as you go about other tasks.

Now think of the impact of the energy that someone who’s fired up has on you! You catch fire to fuel or consume what’s burning in them. The same holds true for the songs you sing. If you choose songs to sing that appeal to things that have deep meaning and reinforce personal beliefs, your passion will soar. Then, the joy you have for singing will be infectious and unshakable.

Stay Open To Learning

So it’s important to commit to promoting better health and choosing material that you can relate to in order to stay positive in your pursuit of singing success. And, one of the best ways to feed that passion for your singing success is to commit to training.

You must always stay open to learning. Explore new material that engages your imagination, moves your heart, opens your mind, and makes you want to make a difference in the lives of those who love to hear you sing.

Pick Your Products

Learning keeps you open, free, and growing with confidence. Click on the products tab and make a decision to try something new or as a refresher. Chat with some of your viewers from other stations and see what they recommend. Why not try a new program along with another subscriber; then, you can compare notes, share results, and then post your findings on one of our forums.

The road to your singing success will run rough on occasion. It will also throw a seemingly unfair share of a few curves. But, the good news is you can toughen up with straight shooting support and training that’s available through