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Vocal Health

Beginner Vocal Exercises

Did you know there are 3 types of beginners that come to our vocal studios for vocal lessons? Yes, a beginner may have been singing ...

Hydration and Singing-Exposing the Myth

Believe it or not… THIS is the most controversial blog I’ve written to this date. Because so many would understandably ask, “What’s the big deal… ...

Fear Of Vulnerability

If you have a fear of vulnerability, especially as a vocalist, welcome to an extremely large club. Research professor Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D., says, “You’ve probably ...

Vocal Warmup Exercises

Why My Opinion matters “I’m famous, and I just don’t care” was the ostentatious, playful, very non-serious line from a song I wrote featuring a ...

Why Does My Throat Hurt When Singing?

“My throat hurts” is one of the most common stressful situations for a singer to experience, especially with a performance just around the corner. Just ...

Vocal Rest 101

Many singers learn about the need for vocal rest the hard way: by experiencing vocal damage. Don't let this be you!

Is Marijuana Good For My Singing Voice?

A letter from one of our clients… Hello, we have a little bit of a problem here because our lead singer seems to think that ...

7 Signs that Your Voice Needs Rest

Feeling clueless about when your voice needs rest? Most singers only realize the need for a vocal break after it’s too late.

10 Steps to Decrease Vocal Mucus

Regulating mucus levels is an important part of voice training. Here are ten strategies to decrease excess mucus on the vocal cords.

Risk Factors for Vocal Cord Cancer

Every year, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. Read to learn about the risk factors of vocal cord cancer.

Do Steroids Actually Help Singers?

Countless singers swear by steroids because of their seemingly magical power to bring a voice back when it is hoarse or completely gone. But do ...