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Vocal Style

Externalize your personality!

Difference Between Baritone and Bass Vocal Ranges

The world is full of diverse voices that complement each other in unique ways. They have different qualities, capabilities and roles. In this article, we ...

Icons of Rock Music

Baseline Rock (straightforward): Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison Chuck Berry: electric blues w/ some distortion 50’s Rock: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, ...

Are you a “real singer”?

Have you struggled lately with the idea that you’re not a real singer? Even the most talented singers fall victim to imposter syndrome. 

5th Man Obligation 

You're the 5th man on the basketball team. If you don’t show up, the game is ruined. Greatness makes no excuses. Do you?

7 Remedies for Bad Vocal Style

Your singing might be boring, distasteful, or weird, and you may not even know it. Or maybe you do know it, but just don’t know ...

5 Industry-Standard Vocal Layers

Vocal layering has been a prominent technique in music production since the mid-20th century. From the iconic opening harmonies in Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to the ...

Patience Does Not Equal Productivity

Good things DON'T come to those who wait. NOT true? True? Here's Brett Manning's take on patience and productivity!

The 5 Essentials of Smooth Singing

No matter what style of music you sing, smooth singing is required if you want to sound your best. Here's how to do it!

Did Learning Technique Ruin Your Singing?

Have you ever known a singer who sounded worse after taking singing lessons? Learn how not to be one of them!

Why Does My Voice Sound Bad In Recordings?

Ever wonder, "why does my voice sound bad in recordings?" Click through to learn why you may sound bad and how to fix it!

The Voice-Type Curse

Every day, the voice-type line of thinking ruins the vocal development of singers everywhere. This concept can be a real curse, bringing misfortune to all ...