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Vocal Technique

Vocal exercises, do’s and don’ts, etc

Beginner Vocal Exercises

Did you know there are 3 types of beginners that come to our vocal studios for vocal lessons? Yes, a beginner may have been singing ...
artistic notes

Voice Scales For Singers

In 1998, I released what has become an international best selling, systematic vocal training program titled Singing Success, which was revised and update in 2015 ...
big stage with purple lights

How to Come Up With a Stage Name

Stage names can evoke associations with certain genres, feelings, and attitudes. They can even pay homage to other artists. Ultimately, a stage name is an ...

My Voice Cracks When I Sing

Over the past few years, I've helped many different clients fix their vocal break. Let's talk about voice cracks!

How To Sing High Notes Without Shouting

Shouting for high notes might be holding you back from your full singing potential. There is a better way!

Top 10 Mistakes Causing Voice Breaks

Most voice breaks experienced by singers are totally preventable. In fact, they usually happen as a result of user error. 

How to Maximize Vocal Endurance

Want to sing longer without your voice getting tired? Here's how you do it!

4 Ways to Stop Fearing High Notes

Fearing high notes is normal for even the most skilled singers. But this doesn’t need to be the case for you. Instead of worrying about ...

5 Routines for Rapid Vocal Growth

Want to speed up your vocal growth? Then fix your daily habits! Use this list as a small reference for some of the most important ...

A Singer’s Guide to Song Practice

Most singers have no idea how good their voice can sound because they’ve never practiced a song thoroughly like a professional. This article provides a guide ...

4 Mental Blocks Affecting Your Singing

Some of your greatest obstacles to becoming an amazing singer have nothing to do with coordinating your voice. Removing mental blocks will make just as ...
image of singer with wireless microphone under red spotlight

1 Secret of Light Mixed Voice

Many singers are unaware of this necessary step required in order to develop a light mixed voice: vocal strength building.

20 Terrible Singing Habits

If you’re dissatisfied with your singing, then you probably have some terrible habits. Use this list to evaluate where you may be going wrong.

Are Your High Notes Weak? Try this.

If your singing is suffering from weak high notes, there’s one area of voice training that can’t be overlooked: vocal edge exercises.

5 Achievable Vocal Goals for 2022

Happy new year! Make your next twelve months of singing the best ever with 5 Achievable Vocal Goals for 2022!

How to Sing Challenging Songs in 7 Steps

Every singer encounters songs that they can't sing. Here are 7 steps to teach you how to sing challenging songs!

6 Steps to Increase Your Vocal Range

Great singers make high notes look easy, but without training they're often impossible to sing. Use these steps to increase your vocal range!

Top 5 Vocal Warm-Up Mistakes

Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way of warming up the voice? Make sure you're not making these Top 5 vocal ...