Is Marijuana Good For My Singing Voice?

Question: Hello, we have a little bit of a problem here because our lead singer seems to think that smoking pot does not in any way affect his singing voice!!! Can you please let me know if this is true?We all have tried to tell him that it does affect your voice and that he needs to “can it” but …

The Making of Singing Success 360 with Guest Dallan Beck

Dallan Beck turns the tables on Brett by asking him about Singing Success 360, and what it took to create it… Dallan reflects on Brett’s dedication, and Brett shares how he stayed productive while creating this perpetual learning program. [powerpress]

Building Relationships In The Music Industry

On this episode, Brett and Dustin talk about building and maintaining relationships in the music industry, pretending to be an extrovert, and making your critics your peers…. [powerpress]

Top 3 Ways To Get Dropped From a Label

On this episode, Brett and Dustin discuss the top three ways to get dumped from your record label… Learn about the Johnny-come-lately, Michael Jordan’s work ethic, and crippling addictions… [powerpress]

Top 3 Ways To Gain Label Interest with Special Guest Noah Henson

On this episode, Brett talks with Noah Henson, lead guitarist of multi-award winning Christian rock band Pillar, and country star Brantley Gilbert. Noah shares the three keys to attracting label attention, and what he, as a producer, wants to hear from an artist…. [powerpress] About Noah Henson: Brett’s long-time friend, Noah Henson, is the guitarist for Dove award-winning Christian rock band …

Focus on Whistle Voice Ability with Madison Sariah

In this episode, Brett brings on Madison Sariah, a singer he has been working with since she was nine years old.  Madison has come up singing with Brett and developed her voice with the privilege of never being exposed to bad teaching methods. Brett and Madison talk about their passion for teaching voice, discovering the whistle voice ability, and jiu-jitsu! …

How to Find the Right Performers to Represent Your Showcase

The people who play with you can make or break your act, so how do you choose? Brett and Dustin discuss the qualities you should look for in showcase performers on this episode of The Singing Success Show! [powerpress] About Brett Manning: Brett Manning is one of the most sought out vocal coaches in Nashville and the world. Due to …

Vocal Therapy

Bringing a voice back from being sick! Top tips for being sick [powerpress]


There’s always more work than you anticipated. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR COMPETITION! (blinders on — focus) Talent vs Intent [powerpress]