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Focus For Singing Success through Brett Manning

There is a reason you have chosen Brett Manning’s methods and resources in the development of the full potential of your unique voice.

Obviously you’re committed to taking care of your voice, making it stronger, more supple, flexible, and durable. By faithfully following his teaching through proper practice on a daily basis, your voice will get an amazing workout that promotes vocal health. Your confidence, competence, and comfort will grow your commitment.

Deliver as Designed

For those seeking a career as a recording artist, you’ll become a better singer. For singer-songwriters that want to play out and perform their material more effectively, Brett’s training will help to achieve a greater level of satisfaction with delivering as designed.

Strengthen Potentential

For those that work as broadcast journalists, motivational speakers, public information officers, teachers, lawyers, lecturers, and voiceover talent, Brett’s training will strengthen your vocal acuity and potential. You’ll have tools for warming up, avoiding burn out, and resting the voice.


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Better Speaker

If you’re entering a talent competition or a beauty pageant, you’ll gain confidence by applying Brett’s practices and exercises so that your voice is easily accessed and engaged as required in the interview process, meetings with the press, and in your performance. If you’re pursuing a career in modeling or dance, Brett’s programs will help you grow comfortable and confident with speaking engagements or when any speaking roles are required.

Support for Others

If you’re part of a church choir or community choral group, you’ll hold your own while providing positive support for others. If you’re a parent or grandparent or teacher hoping to sing lullabies to toddlers or rocking duets with the teens that look up to you, Brett’s teaching will help to achieve that.

Disciplined Athletes

If you’re an athlete with a promising professional career ahead of you in your chosen sport, Brett’s programs will help you tackle or ace press interviews effortlessly. His teaching and discipline helps you rest and relax your voice. You can even warm it up and rest it before, after, and during an especially competitive match, game, or event. You’ll develop alternatives to screaming and shouting to get pumped or to protest during the heat of the battle.

Higher Level = Higher Purpose

Brett’s teaching takes you and your voice to a higher level of performance, execution, and delivery. All that is needed is that higher purpose. It’s up to you to determine your reason for making the commitment to engage the full potential of your unique voice.

Find Your Purpose

Brett teaches that each voice is a unique gift. But you determine the purpose that will serve the full potential of your unique voice for its greatest impact. You can determine this by looking at your greatest passions in life. How do you make a difference? What gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment? Think about your role as a singer, speaker, performer, broadcast journalist, on air personality – however your voice is used in your career. What criteria do you use to assess whether or not your delivery has been successful? In other words, what do you hope that those who hear you take away from your singing, speaking, sharing – whatever the case may be?

Pull Together Common Threads

What you’re looking for here is a common thread or objection, a goal that comes up repeatedly regardless of the venue, setting, material, or message you deliver. It may be as simple as “I want to make a difference” or “I want people to think about this issue a little more seriously.” Once you gain a clear sense of purpose in sharing the unique gift of your voice, you’ll become more energized as you gain greater focus and enthusiasm for sharing your gift.

How Do You Serve

It’s important to consider the impact that you have on others, and to also look at your gift as a service in some way. Think about this: whether you’re pursuing a career as a singer, performer, or speaker, your ultimate target is your audience. They will hear your story and receive whatever messages and information you provide. They will determine the clarity and quality of what you deliver and communicate. They will be moved one way or another, even if that movement is to shut down or turn off.

More Resources – Bigger Audience

Once you determine your purpose for developing your voice, you can then more clearly identify resources to help you target and grow your audience. It will also help sharpen your focus in your search for powerful, relevant material. By knowing what you hope to achieve with your voice, there’s an opportunity to have greater impact and more satisfaction.

Your Impact On Others

If you’re having difficulty defining or finding your purpose, consider the following. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing, often or for extended periods of time, whether or not you’re getting paid. What is it that energizes you and makes you feel complete or more affirmed? How are you perceived by others in terms of the impact you have on them personally? These questions will help you define your purpose. Your purpose will help you determine specific goals and resources for optimizing success in your singing or speaking career. It will also help you put together effective teams for support, mentoring, and for your mastermind group.

Tune Up Tools

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to discuss your purpose and to explore possible opportunities for using your voice to make a living in ways that provide additional support for your singing or speaking career. You may find that your reason for singing lends itself to a worthy cause to pursue or may inspire a series of original songs or scripts to write and direct. Continue your daily practice of engaging in one of Brett Manning’s products. Make a commitment to follow up by booking additional sessions with Brett’s certified associates to further focus your purpose and to shore up and strengthen the unique gift of your voice.